Lemons, if cultivated this way, will last the entire year: The very simple method

Having access to fresh lemons throughout the year is a privilege many desire. Discover now a simple method that will allow you to cultivate your own lemons and enjoy your harvest throughout all seasons. Let’s explore step-by-step this effective process that will ensure fresh lemons at your disposal whenever you desire.

Cultivating Lemons: The Simplified Method

While the idea of growing lemons may seem daunting to some, there is an incredibly easy method that promises a lasting harvest throughout the year. Begin by making small parallel incisions on the trunk of your lemon plant. These incisions will help remove the outer wood coating, exposing the underlying layer.

Detailed Procedure

This process should be done only on the front part of the trunk, keeping the back surface covered with the outer wood. Next, prepare a special plant mixture that will be compacted and wrapped around the lemon tree trunk, covering the area where the coating was removed.

Continued Procedure

After two months, cut the trunk below the point where the mixture was applied. Upon opening, you will see roots forming in the mixture. Transfer the cut trunk to a pot with a base of leaves and coconut husks, filled with soil. Cover the roots with soil, add a layer of rice bran, and water well.

Conclusive Phases

After two and a half months, roots will be visible at the base of the pot. Cover them with onion pieces to stimulate plant development. After three and a half months, your plant will be full of green lemons, gradually changing to a deep yellow. Trim the leaves covering the lemons and, when they are ready to be harvested, use appropriate scissors.

Properties of Lemons

In addition to providing fresh lemons, understanding the beneficial properties of these fruits is crucial. Lemons have diverse applications, from household cleaning to beauty care and a healthy diet.


Cultivating lemons sustainably using this proven method not only ensures a constant supply of fresh lemons but also provides health and well-being benefits. Try this method and discover the joy of having fresh lemons in your home throughout the year.

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