How to Construct a Hinged Hoophouse for Your Raised Bed Garden

1. Prepare Your Raised Bed: Build a sturdy raised bed in a sunny spot, ensuring it fits the size of your hoophouse.

2. Measure and Cut PVC Pipes: Measure your raised bed’s length and cut PVC pipes to create hoops, spacing them every 2-3 feet.

3. Install Hinges: Choose one side of the raised bed for the fixed base and attach hinges to the opposite side for the hoophouse opening.

4. Attach PVC Pipes to Hinges: Secure PVC pipes to the hinged side of the raised bed using screws and pipe clamps.

5. Cover with Plastic Sheeting: Drape heavy-duty plastic sheeting over the PVC hoops, leaving extra to cover the bed’s ends. Secure tightly with UV-resistant zip ties and staples.

6. Secure the Plastic Sheeting: Ensure the plastic sheeting is tightly secured to the PVC hoops and wooden frame to protect the interior.

7. Final Adjustments: Test the hoophouse for proper functionality, adjusting hinges, plastic, or frame as needed.

8. Ventilation: Provide ventilation by rolling up the plastic sheeting or installing vents to regulate temperature and humidity.

Maintenance Tips:

1. Regularly inspect for damage, especially after severe weather.

2. Replace plastic sheeting when needed for clarity and durability.

3.Lubricate hinges periodically for smooth operation.

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