growing Green Peas: Container Farming from Seed to Harvest

1. Gather Your Materials:

Get pea seeds, large containers with drainage, potting mix, and support like a trellis.

2. Prepare the Containers:

Ensure drainage holes at the bottom and fill with potting mix, leaving space for watering.

3. Planting the Pea Seeds:

Plant seeds directly into containers, spacing them as per instructions and watering well.

4. Placement and Sunlight:

Put containers in sunny spots for 6-8 hours of sunlight daily or use bright, indirect light indoors.

5. Watering and Maintenance:

Keep soil moist but not waterlogged, mulch to retain moisture, and support plants as they grow.

6. Fertilizing:

Use balanced fertilizer or compost tea every 4-6 weeks for healthy growth.

7. Pest and Disease Management:

Monitor for pests, use organic control methods, and keep surroundings clean to prevent diseases.

8. Harvesting Green Peas:

Harvest when pods are plump and firm, about 60-70 days after planting. Snap pods off the vines for use.

Follow these steps for a successful harvest of fresh, homegrown green peas right from your containers!

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